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Why Freelancing & Crypto Currencies are getting popular?

Cryptography currency was a pretty new concept few years back, but it is a complete different situation today. I am sure most of you must have heard about it at least once. Especially when the exchange rate for a Bitcoin had gone through the roof in 2013.
It is a no hidden fact that among all the cryptography currencies Bitcoins are the most popular Cryptography currency out there.

As a freelancer one of the biggest pain points is collecting payments, especially if Paypal is banned in your country!
Also cryptography currency enables you to receive and make payment at a fraction of a cost when compared to traditional services such as Paypal.
The concepts of freelancing / virtual assistants is also gaining popularity these days, thanks to people like Pat Flynn & Chris Ducker.


Reasons why the concept of freelancing is gaining popularity
1. Cost Benefit: – More than 70% of virtual assistants work from their home, which means they don’t have other office overheads which a normal company has to incur.
Plus it is much cheaper to hire a virtual assistant overseas that in the home country.
Suppose you stay in USA, hiring an assistant will at least cost you about $15 to $50 an hour, now you could get a virtual assistant for half the cost; if you decided to hire a VA from a country like Philippines.
$700 may seem like a small amount for a person residing in USA, but it is a pretty decent mid-range salary for a person residing in Philippines.

2. Convenience: – Freelancing provided convenience not only to the freelancer as he is able to work from his home at his convenience, but also to the person hiring the freelancer. As outsourcing some of not so important tasks of your business can give a good amount of extra time.

This extra time then can be utilized to concentrate on things that really do matter for your business.
Due to various advantages freelancing and virtual office staff its popularity is going to increase in the near future.