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Cryptocurrency: Where Is It Heading To….?

If you are in the fancy world of Cryptocurrencies then you should get yourself ready to welcome new comers in this business, as Juniper Research reports states that in upcoming year 2019 bitcoin industry will cross a benchmark of 5 million users. Reports also gave an inside view of on going impact of Bitcoin in cryptocurrency market. More over it shares it’s view on the flooding of short term altcoins based on short term investments. That’s not the end as Juniper Research, based in Hampshire, U.K. also gave a brief look over what is making Bitcoin to lag.(courtesy:CCN)


This now makes us think a lot as flooding of huge crowd of users where mining is considered as only basic way to earn Bitcoin. In such conditions difficulty and competition will genuinely touch heights making market a difficult place to survive and with stand the blows of already established business. This will surely give a new fight in the market. This could decrease the fall in price of consumers due to the competition. It could be a positive as well as negative impact on the crypto world.

What ever happens will obviously give birth to a new revolution in the Business world.