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Is it beginning of Red Dragon Era?

China, up until around 50 years back, was a little time player on a worldwide scale. They have had fancy wars with Japan, however they didn’t have any genuine impact over world’s markets of business. Long story cut in short, their capacity to make merchandise of high caliber at low costs, almost exclusive rights to mine the basic “Rare Earth Elements” (The mystery fixings that make your hybrid, mobile phone, and laptop so epic), and make economies of scale in sustenance creation and assembling has started to shoulder organic product. China is presently the world’s biggest economy, and given their populace is four times that of the U.S., there is more where that originated from.

Satoshi Nakamoto might have ever imagined that the Bitcoin which he gave the concept for world be ruled by China soon. Initially Bitcoin was a result of progressive development done by United States as a substitute for fiat currency in recession. But who knew china would be going to over shadow them soon. According to the source about 70% volume of Bitcoin is being driven by Chinese Yuan followed by Dollar and Euro. Despite a ban by Peoples bank of China mass population of China have adopted Bitcoins for their investments.


The massive $1100 leap 18 month ago is the clear proof of it. Bitcoins which are being considered as future assets for ruling globally. As the decreasing value of dollar and money being wasted by United States it won’t be as easy for this nation in upcoming years. Where as rapidly growing China is expected to over throw the 50 year long ruling of dollar in the market soon. The day it happens would be again a black Friday for American economy, creating stampede in Wall Street.