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Fiat currency v/s Cryptocurrency: Tug of war between two worlds

Since World War II, world has seen lots of discoveries and invention to mobilize and bring the economy in better shape. But as the global crises increased and money lost its credibility in market, then came a virtual currency concept to bring back a an environment of faith lost by fiat currency. This is when a war begin between an ancient established fiat system which included deep rooted banking systems who obviously won’t let any other currency to over shadow them and in other hand lies a new blooming virtual currency cryptocurrency with absolutely no centralized body but their users only is ready to give head to head fight for the market.


For the past few years dollar and euro had been a great demotivation for people. Where as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have given market a new hope for there investments. Banking system has always been a debatable issue which increases uncertainty by loans and creating risk to peoples money. Cryptocurrency on the other hand is decentralized and any one with out any risk can go for it, more over with worrying about its security issues. $1100 mark attained by a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin has already given signs of changing course of market. Well by the way it would be too early to come to any conclusion yet as the war has just begin…..